Economic valuation

Economic valuation

We offer economic valuation of urban trees, both thru the replacement cost model Alnarpsmodellen 2.2 and via i-Tree. For i-Tree valuation – please se our separate i-Tree page.

Economic valuation is useful in many different aspects, for example as a means to protect trees during construction, claims for damages in case of illegal tree felling, or to demonstrate the value of trees to politicians and the public.

Economic valuation of trees is an important tool to defend the importance of trees, to prevent damage or to impose fines during construction.

What we can help you with

  • We offer several different methods of economic valuation of trees.
  • We can do a tree inventory and calculate an economic valuation of their value.
  • We can calculate the replacement cost of trees, in cases of damages or illegal felling. To calulate the replacement cost we use Alnarpsmodellen 2.2.
  • We can also calculate the economic value of the ecosystemservices that your trees provide, thru the internationally recognized program i-Tree Eco.
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